Drotics is a start-up that specializes in drone light shows.

A couple of years ago we started developing an indoor drone show. We bought several small drones and made them fly a show!

After we got a taste of drones shows, we wanted to go bigger. We developed our own outdoor drones and kept improving the software. Going outside brought on new challeges that we faced head on. In September 2021 everything came together and we flew our first outdoor droneshow.

We are continously working on improving our technology, so we can make out droneshows even bigger and better.

Indoor drone show

This is Drotics' first ever drone show, performed in August 2019 in the Netherlands.

Outdoor drone show

The first ever outdoor drone show performed by Drotics in September 2021 in the Netherlands.

Indoor drone show

This is Drotics' third ever drone show, performed in autumn 2021 in the Netherlands.